SnowPAC 2012:

Gravitational Lensing in the

Age of Survey Science


The 4th annual Snowbird Workshop on Particle Astrophysics, Astronomy, and Cosmology (SnowPAC) will be held from 19-23 March 2012 at the Cliff Lodge at Snowbird Ski Resort in Little Cottonwood Canyon, Utah, USA, with a topical focus on “Gravitational Lensing in the Age of Survey Science”

In the past decade, gravitational lensing has transitioned from a "small-N" to a "large-N" discipline.  Strong-, weak-, and micro-lensing measurements now form a significant component of current and planned surveys across a broad spectrum of astrophysics and cosmology.  This conference aims to highlight the scientific contributions and potential from lensing in this context, and to address the theoretical, observational, and technical challenges to scientific inference from lensing measurements in large surveys.

In the interest of deepening connections between the lensing community and the broader subject areas to which lensing provides unique observational constraints, we also invite lensing-related contributions from researchers working in areas such as: AGN and quasar physics; galaxy structure, dynamics, and evolution; clusters of galaxies; dark matter structure and substructure; cosmology; gravitational physics; and extrasolar planets.

Scientific Organizing Committee:

Chris Kochanek (OSU)

Alexie Leauthaud (IPMU)

Shude Mao (NAOC)

Phil Marshall (Oxford)

Joachim Wambsganss (U Heidelberg)

Adam Bolton (Chair, U of Utah)

Zheng Zheng (Co-chair, U of Utah)

Marusa Bradac (UC Davis)

Chris Fassnacht (UC Davis)

Bhuvnesh Jain (U Penn)

Follow this link for registration and abstract submission, or email the local organizing committee at with any questions.